The present and future of 3D metal deburring

Zukunft der 3D Blech-EntgratungThat is the topic of the presentation to be held by Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Peveling (Managing Director, Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH – edgeracer) on Wednesday 25 February 2015 at the 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference in Nürtlingen.

Deburring of 3D formed metal parts is a process that not only posed a major challenge to the sheet metalworking industry in the past: Today’s demands are distinctly higher than they were in the past. Of particular importance are deburring quality, profitability and efficiency, making manual deburring a thing of the past for most companies. The innovative engineering of Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH has produced a machine to optimally fulfil these demands – the edgeracer!

The edgeracer series was not developed for meeting only current demands in deburring, but rather to offer its users a highly profitable and cost-saving solution for future industrial deburring of laser cut, punched and nibbled steel parts.

Rising energy costs are of particular importance but are surprisingly often still overlooked in calculating machine investments. Despite the impressive processing performance of the edgeracer, which is considerably higher than that of other deburring systems, its energy consumption is minimal. Compared to older deburring machines this can mean a saving of up to 90% in energy costs: Six-figure sums can be saved based on annual operating times. This means a quick payback on the edgeracer, while being kind to the environment at the same time! Future market developments in the diverse sectors of the sheet metalworking industry were likewise considered in designing the machine. The demand for stainless, aluminium and titanium sheet parts is set to boom in the coming years. Having the edgeracer for deburring requirements means being optimally prepared, as these materials can all be readily processed on the edgeracer in its so-called mixed mode.

The service life of the special brushes, which ensure perfect deburring on the edgeracer, is also incredibly long: A further plus for the profitability of the system. Changeover/tooling times of less than 10 minutes and extremely long maintenance intervals keep the edgeracer one step ahead, even in 3-shift operation.

Wöhler has successfully expanded its edgeracer series by adding a sheet metal cleaning machine in the same, pleasing design and with the same modularity as the deburring machines. The same innovative thinking was behind the “washer” as with every other machine developed by Wöhler. Soiled, oily sheet can be effectively cleaned either before or after the deburring process. The cleaning machine is a cost-saving and environment-friendly solution, covering the whole spectrum of demands.

In short, Wöhler’s edgeracer is a modular deburring machine for easy and flexible integration in every production process. These particular features, together with its profitability and efficiency, make the edgeracer a future-proof deburring solution for every company.

Find out what else the future holds for 3D metal deburring and how companies can optimally prepare themselves for the ever growing demands in deburring and cleaning sheet metal at the conference in Nürtlingen or in individual consultation at your convenience by request.

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