EdgeRacer® – Deburring machines

EdgeRacer 1500 E-Serie

EdgeRacer® E series

for one-sided deburring

Developed especially for companies that only need one-sided machining and want to work highly flexible with a low budget. Different materials, flat or with 3D contours are the strength of the EdgeRacer®.

EdgeRacer® D series

for deburring both sides

Deburring on both sides in just one pass – of course with 100% reproducible results and precise machining of the inner and outer contours – only the EdgeRacer® can offer you that.

EdgeRacer® – the Grinder

to remove stubborn burrs

With EdgeRacer® – the Grinder, you can effortlessly remove stubborn punch burrs, laser beads and splashes. This not only saves you time, but also creates the perfect conditions for high-quality finishing.

EdgeRacer® – the Finisher

for surface finishing

The finisher produces a definable, parallel brush finish. This uniform grinding pattern gives the workpiece a noble matte effect and also produces a stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

EdgeRacer® – the Washer

for cleaning metal sheets

The Washer cleans, de-oils and dries sheet metal, especially stamped and fineblanked parts, on both sides in one pass. Interlinked or stand-alone. The workpieces are thus optimally prepared for direct further processing.

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