EdgeRacer® D-series – double-sided deburring

EdgeRacer® 1000 D | 1500 D | 2000 D

beidseitige Entgratung mit der EdgeRacer® D-Serie

• double sided deburring in a single run cuts processing times by half
• double sided deburring in a single run prevents forming of any secondary burr
• precision processing of inner and outer contours
• stamped and drawn forms up to 30 mm
• also for thin sheets under 1.0 mm
• high throughput rate (500 m²/h)
• simultaneous surface finishing
• even on polished, brushed and laminated plates
• user-defined, intelligent edge rounding by patented kinematics
• removal of oxide film
• brush setting beneath roller table level possible
• 100% consistent processing over the full operative width
• considerable reduction of processing costs
• lowest possible power consumption
• low abrasive costs
• easy operation with self-explanatory touch screen in various languages
• patented rapid change system of grinding heads and easily accessible position
• dry processing with minimal dust formation
• particularly low noise emission compared to conventional machines

Making sharp edges a thing of the past

the double-sided EdgeRacer® – always a good choice

Double sided deburring in a single run – naturally with 100% reproducible results and precision processing of inner and outer contours – that’s what you get with the EdgeRacer®!

The double sided EdgeRacer®

optimal results in a single run

The double sided EdgeRacer® is the perfect solution for strongly formed components and precision double sided edge rounding and deburring. This is the first machine of its kind worldwide in series production offering double-sided deburring with reproducible results even on 3D processing. The setting of the brushes above and below the components can be individually adjusted for ensuring optimal results.

How it’s done

Process description

The EdgeRacer® was specially constructed for the even edge rounding and deburring of outer and inner contours in sheet metal and plane parts. The parts to be processed are laid on the transport roller table in front of the machine and fed into the EdgeRacer®. In a single run the top and bottom surfaces are simultaneously processed, so that the finished parts can be fed directly on to the next production step.

Technical data:

1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm

350 / 500 / 700 m²/h

min. 380 mm
shorter with small part solution

up to 50 mm


880 mm + 100 mm

2300 x 2600 x 2500 mm

approx. 4000 kg

3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 kVA

mind. 5000 cbm/h

≤ 65 db

* Values refer to the EdgeRacer ER 1500 D

Start today with the EdgeRacer D-Series into a successful future!

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