Wöhler’s EdgeRacer has proven itself in practice – so the report made by Rott Sarstedt Zerspanung GmbH, in short RSZ.

RSZ department

RSZ is a specialist company for the high precision processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics. Thanks to their cutting edge machine park and skilled team of staff the company effectively carries out every kind of milling, turning, sandblasting, barrel finishing, grinding, cutting, spraying, ultrasonic cleaning, welding, assembling and – since September 2013 – deburring work.

Established in 2001 the company produces a large range of products in Sarstedt near Hannover with around 70 employees in three-shift operation.
The importance of flexibility for the company becomes clear when taking a closer look at the product range, which covers everything from wristwatch cases to foundation plates for wind turbines.

Additionally enhancing their performance since September 2013 is the deburring machine from Bad Wünnenberg: A single sided EdgeRacer type ER 1500 E.
The purchase of the deburring machine from Wöhler first enabled RSZ to establish itself in the deburring sector. “Based on an interesting project we started looking for a deburring machine, which would both meet our requirements and offer high performance – and we found this in the deburring machine from Wöhler. Thanks to the EdgeRacer we are able to deburr heat exchanger plates in various formats and high quantities for instance. This was the deciding project, but we have also been able to establish ourselves in other areas”, Hubert Brecht explained. RSZ is also highly successful in the field of pharmaceutical plants for example.
“We currently have some free capacity still – so far we have only run the EdgeRacer in two-shift operation – so we are always pleased to receive new enquiries”, the plant manager and authorised officer of the company added.

EdgeRacer bei RSZ

Norbert Ledwig, sales manager of the grinding and deburring division at Wöhler, is particularly proud to have met the extremely high demands set: “The challenge was to constantly process three-dimensionally formed parts with reproducible results and without affecting the surface properties. In this case every individual form of the parts has to be processed on a uniform basis.
All edges must be finished to the same radius, as the heat exchanger plates in particular are subject to very high standards in further processes. No scratches or surface structures may be visible for example. Thanks to our expert team all this could be realised.”

The advantages of dry processing are quite apparent: Considerably less maintenance work, no water management requirement and a significantly increased service life of the grinding elements. Compared to other machines the EdgeRacer additionally trumps with its particularly low energy costs, which are just around a third of that with comparable machines.
Perfect results are achieved through the interaction of the EdgeRacer with a downstream ultrasonic cleaning machine. “I was initially somewhat sceptical about the results, as our quality standards are very high”, the sheet metal expert Brecht admitted. “The results however totally convinced me, I hadn’t reckoned on such an outcome at all.”

EdgeRacer Bleche RSZ

The above mentioned flexibility has been continued in the new field of deburring: “We are currently processing thousands of parts each month in 200 x 200 mm format with the same precision as on our largest plates of 1,200 x 1,200 mm”, Brecht added.

Particularly gratifying for Wöhler, the deburring specialist from Bad Wünnenberg, is the positive feedback by RSZ on the first class build quality of the machine. Furthermore, the machine is both practically designed and visually appealing.
Although the machine may not be a bargain as such, the specialist from Sarstedt agreed that the price-performance ratio is convincingly good, as is the service offered.
Altogether Hubert Brecht would certainly recommend the EdgeRacer based on the consistently positive experience made with it.

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