Progress report with BARTHOLET AG about EdgeRacer

In October 2010 our EdgeRacer made its world premiere. Now we have approached one of our first users for a progress report.
BARTHOLET AG is an internationally leading company for cable car and amusement park installations, machine construction and metal processing. We spoke to Mr Walser, Production Manager of BARTHOLET. (

Interview mit der BARTHOLET AG

Mr Walser, in which sector is the company BARTHOLET active? Please let us have a short description of your activities
BARTHOLET AG is a family enterprise, run in the second generation and active in machine construction and plant engineering. Our speciality is passenger transport installations such as cable cars, amusement park rides and tramways (Tschu-Tschu Neumark).

How did you first find out about the EdgeRacer?
We saw the machine at the Euroblech trade fair in Hanover and were immediately taken by the range of materials and performance capabilities.

For how long have you been operating with the EdgeRacer?
The EdgeRacer has been used in our production since November 2010.

Mr Walser, what were the key objectives?
We were looking to process a whole range of different parts with easy handling on a single machine, characterised by its low operating costs.

What was the deciding factor for making your purchase decision?
The possibility of defined edge rounding including oxide layer removal and above all the processing from both sides and the long service life of the grinding heads.

Another important aspect for us was the low dust generation. The user friendly touch screen operation and attractive design of the machine also made a lasting impression.

Interview mit der BARTHOLET AG

How is the machine integrated in your production process (manually or automatically)?

What were the main advantages for the company BARTHOLET regarding process simplifications and cost efficiency?
This is a question I am unable to answer as we were not already active in metal processing before the purchase of the EdgeRacer. Together with this machine we purchased a laser machine and folding press, setting up a subsidiary company for metal processing.

To what extent does the EdgeRacer meet the requirements you set it?
We are very pleased with the results. At the beginning we were somewhat sceptical about the long service life of the grinding heads.

What are the dimensions of the parts to be processed?
The largest parts are about 600 x 2,200 mm, the smallest about 20 x 20 mm.

Please evaluate the machine quality.
The quality is very good.

How do you evaluate the service life of the grinding heads?
Also very good.

Sind Sie mit dem Service der Firma Wöhler zufrieden? Wurde auf Ihre speziellen Wünsche/Anforderungen eingegangen?
Der Service ist sehr gut. Wir mussten diesen aber bislang nur am Anfang bei der Auslegung der Schleifkörper und bei einer Fehlmanipulation unsererseits an der Maschine in Anspruch nehmen.

Wie beurteilen Sie das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis?
Der Preis ist gerechtfertigt und die Vorteile gegenüber der deutlich günstigeren Konkurrenz sind offensichtlich.

Gab es bislang Probleme?
Wir hatten einen kleinen Zwischenfall der sehr rasch behoben werden konnte.

Hand auf’s Herz, würden Sie den EdgeRacer erneut kaufen oder weiterempfehlen?
Ja, wir können den EdgeRacer wärmstens weiter empfehlen.

Herr Walser, wir bedanken uns für das Gespräch.

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