REVIEW: 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference

The auditorium at the cleaning and deburring conferenceProcess reliability in deburring and customer specific component cleaning were the main themes this year at the 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference held from 25 – 26 February in Nürtlingen. Wöhler Brush Tech had been invited to hold a presentation there, as manufacturer of the first deburring machine worldwide optimised for 3-D sheet metal processing and TÜV-certified for dry processing of various materials. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Peveling addressed the themes of present and future 3-D metal deburring and clearly presented the differences between conventional deburring systems and the innovative process of the EdgeRacer. Matthias Peveling speech at cleaning and deburring conferenceParticular interest was shown in the mixed mode of the EdgeRacer: The possibility of dry processing materials like aluminium, stainless steel and titanium along with standard steel sheet. This is where the focus of the EdgeRacer is set on future market developments and demands: Ever growing complexity in component geometries, new materials and material combinations, increasing demands on product quality. It is essential for companies to plan the optimisation of their cleaning and deburring processes today, to remain cost-competitive in the future. The EdgeRacer offers the solution to these problems. Not content with this, the engineers at Wöhler Brush Tech went on to consider further factors in developing the EdgeRacer, which already play an important role today. The EdgeRacer is indeed the most energy efficient deburring machine currently available on the market: A true energy-saving marvel! A saving of up to 90% in energy costs is possible, compared to other deburring machines. This means being kind to the environment, while boosting efficiency and ensuring a quick payback on the machine at the same time. These are all factors that should not be overlooked in calculating machine investments. samples of EdgeRacer deburring machineThe conference held in Nürtlingen was the perfect platform for experts and users alike to exchange ideas on the future developments in deburring and cleaning of component parts. The active participation and great interest shown made the importance of such an exchange clear in sustaining the global demand for technology “Made in Germany”.

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