Blech Kanten entgraten verrunden

Deburring sheet metal plates easily and efficiently

Inner and outer edges without burr

When cutting sheet metal plates – whether by laser cutting or punching – fine burrs inevitably occur. Although these are usually only a few tenths of a millimetre high in thin sheets, they still lead to problems in further processing steps – from adhesion problems during painting or galvanising to injuries to employees or customers. With EdgeRacer deburring machines from Wöhler, these fine burrs can be effectively removed – on one side with the EdgeRacer E series or on both sides in one pass with the EdgeRacer D series. Deburring sheet metal plates – easily and efficiently – the EdgeRacer makes it possible.

Why should you deburr sheet metal plates?

Burrs on cut edges are not only a visual defect, they also pose a risk of injury to employees and customers. Furthermore, when stacking several sheets on top of each other, burrs can scratch the surfaces of the sheets below and thus destroy the polished or brushed surfaces. These scratches are clearly visible even after the sheets have been coated. The tools of bending machines are also damaged by burrs, their wear increases significantly. When straightening with roller straighteners, the burrs are pressed into the surface of the straightening rollers. For thick sheets, burr-free edges facilitate positioning and clamping for machining processes.

EdgeRacer machines for deburring sheet metal plates

Universal machine for removing slag, burr and oxide as well as for edge rounding.

Single-sided deburring machine for removing burr and oxide layer.

Deburring machine working on both sides for removing burr and oxide layer.