EdgeRacer the Grinder - Schlacke entfernen, Entgraten, Kanten verrunden

EdgeRacer the Grinder

The universal EdgeRacer for all applications

EdgeRacer the Grinder is the universal machine from the EdgeRacer family for all sheet metal working applications. From removing slag to deburring and rounding edges to removing oxide layers. EdgeRacer the Grinder can be equipped with different types of brushes to perform all grinding tasks.

Reliable and clean slag removal

Slag removal with EdgeRacer

EdgeRacer the Grinder effortlessly removes the slag produced on the underside during plasma cutting or oxyfuel cutting. As EdgeRacer the Grinder processes the incoming parts from below, there is no need for tedious turning of the parts. The disc brushes are adjusted so that they almost touch the underside. The steel pins then knock off the slag.

Powerful deburring and defined edge rounding

EdgeRacer the Grinder effortlessly removes stubborn punch burrs and laser beads as well as laser splatter. You also determine the rounding at the edges via the setting of the brushes.

Powerful deburring and defined edge rounding with EdgeRacer the Grinder

Deburring and rounding of thin sheets and 3D workpieces

Deburring and edge rounding 3D parts

Deburr fine sheets or sheets with cut-outs. The grinding brushes can be advanced to above transport level so that the complete workpiece edge is processed. The oxide disc can be used to remove oxide layers on the inner edges and outer edges.

Full working width or twice the output

Depending on the width of the parts to be processed, you can choose between two processing modes. Choose single-row operation to take full advantage of the working width, whether for wide parts or for parallel feeding. To optimise wear on the tools, the brushes change position automatically. For narrower workpieces, choose double-row machining. This way you achieve twice the output in just one pass.

Key features

EdgeRacer the Grinder - Schlacke entfernen, Entgraten, Kanten verrunden

Technical data

EdgeRacer 1500 E
Working width
1,500 mm
Conveying speed
0.3 - 3.0 m/min
Part length
≥ 385 mm (shorter on pallets)
Part height
≤ 102 mm
Part weight
≤ 250 kg/m²
Insertion height
950 mm + 50 mm
Space requirement (W x L x H)
3.100 x 1.300 x 2.500 mm
approx. 2,600 kg
Electrical connection
3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 kVA
Extraction capacity
≥ 3,500 m³/h
Noise level
≤ 80 dB