EdgeRacer the Grinder

Removal of the oxide layer

Inner and outer edges without oxide layer

When cutting sheets with laser cutting machines that work with oxygen, the oxygen reacts with the material to be cut. A bluish grey oxide layer then forms on the cut edges. This layer can lead to problems during subsequent processing. If the sheets with an adhering oxide layer are welded, lacquered or powder-coated, the oxide layer can flake off together with the coating. In addition to the detrimental effect on the appearance, the flaked areas of the sheet metal are no longer protected against corrosion. When welding aluminium, the oxide layer even prevents the arc and the molten pool from forming a joint.

Removing the oxide layer with EdgeRacer

EdgeRacer deburring machines can be equipped with special disc brushes for removing the oxide layer on the cut edges. As the sheets in EdgeRacer deburring machines are transported through the machine on a roller conveyor and thanks to the special geometry of the oxide discs, the brushes can plunge very deeply and thus remove the oxide layer in one pass along the entire edge.

EdgeRacer machines to remove an oxide layer

Universal machine for removing slag, burr and oxide as well as for edge rounding.

Single-sided deburring machine for removing burr and oxide layer.

Deburring machine working on both sides for removing burr and oxide layer.