Slag removal with EdgeRacer

Economical slag removal

Effectively knock off residues from flame cutting

Thermal cutting processes, such as plasma or flame cutting, produce heavy slag at the cut edges, which is a cost that is almost incalculable for conventional deburring processes. Manual removal is laborious and time-consuming. Mechanical removal with abrasive belts leads to very short service lives of the abrasive belts and thus to high wear costs. Slag removal is only economical with slag hammer brushes.

Only with EdgeRacer - slag removal without turning over

In thermal cutting operations, such as oxyfuel, flame and plasma cutting, the material at the cut edge is superficially heated to ignition temperature and burned. The heat of combustion in turn heats and burns the deeper layers of material. The resulting liquid iron oxide (slag) escapes downward from the cut edge. Here it hardens as a result of cooling and forms strongly adhering heavy slag.

Economical removal of this heavy slag is only possible with slag hammers. Here, a large number of steel pins are cast into a disc brush. EdgeRacer the Grinder is the only machine on the market where the disc brushes work from below – the strenuous turning of heavy workpieces is no longer necessary.

The disc brushes are advanced so far that they almost touch the underside of the workpieces. As the workpiece passes through, the steel pins collide with the descending slag, which flakes off due to the impact. The rotation of the slag hammer brushes and the oscillation transverse to the transport direction enable large-area processing with a high cleaning effect.

EdgeRacer machines for slag removal

Universal machine for removing slag, burr and oxide as well as for edge rounding.