March 2015
Review cleaning and deburring conference
Matthias Peveling Vortrag zum Theme Blechentgratung

REVIEW: 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference Process reliability in deburring and customer specific component cleaning were the main themes this year at the 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference held from 25 – 26 February in Nürtlingen. Wöhler Brush Tech had been invited to hold a presentation there, as manufacturer of the first deburring machine worldwide […]

February 2015
Cleaning and deburring conference 2015
Fachtagung Reinigen und Entgraten 2015

The present and future of 3D metal deburring That is the topic of the presentation to be held by Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Peveling (Managing Director, Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH – edgeracer) on Wednesday 25 February 2015 at the 3rd Cleaning and Deburring Conference in Nürtlingen. Deburring of 3D formed metal parts is a process that not […]

November 2014
Rühle: New sales partner for South Germany
Rühle Vertriebspartner Süddeutschland

Rühle: New sales partner for South Germany Wöhler’s deburring machine edgeracer has now found a competent sales partner for the southern German market: Rühle GmbH from Möglingen near Stuttgart, one of the leading dealers of used sheet metal processing machines from global leader Trumpf. Potential buyers and customers were able to convince themselves of the […]

October 2014
Future-proof and energy efficient deburring
energy efficiency deburring

Future-proof and energy efficient deburring Energy efficiency is something that in the past has barely played a role in the deburring and edge rounding of metal sheet. Today energy efficiency has become an important issue of global dimension. In times of scarce fossil fuel resources and ever rising energy prices the worldwide demand for innovative […]

September 2014
Champions in sheet metal working
Champions der Blechbearbeitung

Vote for your Champions of sheet metal working At this year’s EuroBlech 2014 in Hanover (21 to 25 October) the title of “Champions of sheet metal working” will be awarded for the first time. Visitors to the fair can vote for their personal champions in the categories of “production in record time”, “solution to a […]

June 2014
Precision meets flexibility
EdgeRacer Anwenderbericht RSZ

Wöhler’s EdgeRacer has proven itself in practice – so the report made by Rott Sarstedt Zerspanung GmbH, in short RSZ. RSZ is a specialist company for the high precision processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics. Thanks to their cutting edge machine park and skilled team of staff the company effectively carries out every […]

May 2014
Invitation to in-house exhibition 2014
Einladung Hausmesse 2013

Invitation to in-house exhibition 2014 It is our pleasure to invite you today to our in-house exhibition, held here in Bad Wünnenberg on 12th June, where we will present our newest innovation – the EdgeRacer ER 2000 D! At this day we can now offer you the possibility of experiencing our high performance products in […]

March 2013
User-report EdgeRacer (Blech Rohre Profile)
Anwenderbericht EdgeRacer Wirtgen

EdgeRacer user-report BLECH ROHRE PROFILE Magazine Read the detailed article written by Lothar Handge from Meisenbach publishing house. Downloads User-report EdgeRacer – BLECH ROHRE PROFILE (english, 1,2 MB, PDF) We say thanks for the publishing permission to Mr. Lothar Handge and Mr. Georg Meisenbach from Meisenbach publishing house.

March 2013
Wöhler in-house exhibition 2013
Wöhler Hausmesse 2013

EdgeRacer in-house exhibition 2013 On 7th March our very first in-house exhibition of deburring and edge rounding technology was held here by our EdgeRacer division. Our in-house exhibition was well attended by interested customers who were able to see the EdgeRacer B 1500 D in full production operation together with the cleaning machine W 1500 […]

February 2013
BLECH-Magazine reports about EdgeRacer
BLECH-Magazin Bericht EdgeRacer

Our EdgeRacer in the BLECH journal. In issue 3 one of the themes was surface technology: No surprise then that our EdgeRacer had to be featured! BLECH is one of the leading German language journals for industrial sheet metal processing. BLECH supplies information and offers practical support in decision-making on all relevant themes in industrial […]

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