EdgeRacer D-Serie - Beidseitig Entgraten und Kanten verrunden

Cleaning, deburring and edge rounding

Easy as pie with EdgeRacer by Wöhler

The modular cleaning machines and deburring machines have been specially developed for metalworking to meet the specific requirements for removing slag, burrs and oxide. Uniquely, EdgeRacer the Washer removes oils used in laser cutting or punching and the resulting contamination.

The performance and work spectrum of the EdgeRacer machines speak for themselves. Together with the compact and attractive machine design, EdgeRacer is the perfect choice for all sheet metal working companies.

EdgeRacer also sets completely new standards in energy efficiency. EdgeRacer machines require up to 90 percent less energy than comparable machines. A factor that is of immense importance for every company in view of constantly rising energy costs and leads to a rapid amortisation.

The ability to safely process steel, stainless steel and aluminium in mixed mode makes EdgeRacer an irreplaceable component in modern sheet metal processing.

All EdgeRacer machines at a glance

EdgeRacer the Washer removes cutting oils and contaminants before further processing.

Universal machine for removing slag, burr and oxide as well as for edge rounding.

Single-sided deburring machine for removing burr and oxide layer.

Deburring machine working on both sides for removing burr and oxide layer.

EdgeRacer the Finisher gives a parallel brushed surface finish to sheet metal.

EdgeRacer the Deduster removes the dust of upstream processing.