Entölen und Reinigen von Blechen mit EdgeRacer the Washer

De-oiling, degreasing and cleaning of metal sheets

Oil-free and clean sheets for further processing

Oil is often added when cutting sheet metal. Whether it is to extend the service life of punching tools or to increase the cutting performance of modern laser cutting systems. If sheets are purchased externally, they are often supplied pickled and greased, whereby the degree of oiling is usually not known. In further processing, however, grease, oil and contamination typical of production are generally undesirable. Grease and oil clog the abrasives of the deburring machines and thus reduce the removal rate as well as the service life of the abrasives. De-oiling and degreasing the metal sheets also facilitates the use of suction cup grippers for sheet handling. EdgeRacer the Washer removes the oil and production-typical contamination in a single pass.

EdgeRacer machines for de-oiling, degreasing and cleaning sheet metal

EdgeRacer the Washer removes grease, cutting oils and contaminants before further processing.

EdgeRacer the Deduster removes the dust of upstream processing.