Cleaning, deburring and edge rounding

Easy as pie with EdgeRacer by Wöhler

The modular sheet metal cleaning machines and deburring machines are specially designed for metalworking to meet the specific requirements for the removal of slag, burrs and oxide. The performance and work spectrum of the EdgeRacer machines speak for themselves. The ability to safely process steel, stainless steel and aluminium in mixed mode makes EdgeRacer an irreplaceable component in modern sheet metal processing.

All EdgeRacer machines at a glance

EdgeRacer D-Serie - Beidseitig Entgraten und Kanten verrunden

D series

Double-sided deburring and edge rounding with EdgeRacer 1500 D:...

EdgeRacer the Grinder

E series

The EdgeRacer 1500 E single-sided deburring machine was developed...

EdgeRacer the Grinder - Schlacke entfernen, Entgraten, Kanten verrunden

The Grinder

EdgeRacer the Grinder is the universal EdgeRacer machine. Remove...

Applications in sheet metal processing

Depending on the material, thickness and intended use of the sheets to be processed, the possible applications of EdgeRacer machines in sheet metal processing can be very diverse. From removing slag from flame-cut parts to deburring and edge rounding on inner and outer edges to finishing the sheet surface. EdgeRacer also offers suitable machines for the removal of cutting oils before deburring and dust removal before further processing.

Schlacke entfernen

Slag removal

With EdgeRacer you effectively knock off slag from flame cutting....

Oxidschicht entfernen

Oxide layer removal

EdgeRacer deburring machines can be equipped with special disc brushes...

Kanten verrunden

Edge rounding

Cutting sheet metal inevitably produces sharp workpiece edges. EdgeRacer is...