EdgeRacer D-Serie - Beidseitig Entgraten und Kanten verrunden

EdgeRacer D - deburring and edge rounding both sides

Finally no more sharp edges - deburring on both sides in one pass

Deburring on both sides in just one pass – of course with 100% reproducible results and precise machining of the inner edges and outer edges – only the EdgeRacer 1500 D offers you that.

Best results in only one pass

Brushes working from above and below can be adjusted independently of each other

The double-sided deburring machine EdgeRacer 1500 D is the right choice for precise double-sided deburring and edge rounding. In addition to plane sheets, sheets with beads, notches, threaded holes and the like can also be processed. The maximum component height is 102 mm. The infeed of the brushes working from above and from below can be adjusted independently of each other.

Dedusting system for optimal further processing

The EdgeRacer 1500 D can optionally be combined and interlinked with a dedusting system in the outlet. One cleaning roller working from above and one from below prevent adhering dust from being carried over into subsequent processes during further processing of the sheets. This prevents the formation of built-up edges, for example.

Powerful deburring and defined edge rounding with EdgeRacer the Grinder

Key features

EdgeRacer D-Serie - Beidseitig Entgraten und Kanten verrunden

Technical data

EdgeRacer 1500 E
Working width
1,500 mm
Conveying speed
0.4 - 4.0 m/min
Part length
≥ 345 mm (shorter on pallets)
Part height
≤ 102 mm
Part weight
≤ 80 kg/m²
Insertion height
950 mm + 50 mm
Space requirement (W x L x H)
2,600 x 2,300 x 2,500 mm
approx. 4,000 kg
Electrical connection
3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 6 kVA
Extraction capacity
≥ 5,000 m³/h
Noise level
≤ 65 dB