Oberschmidt focuses on highest quality with EdgeRacer sheet metal cleaning and deburring machines

Oberschmidt relies on the highest quality for deburring and cleaning

Oberschmidt GmbH & Co KG in Westerkappeln, Westphalia, produces sheet metal parts of special quality. Jörg Oberschmidt is the second generation to run the company, which was founded in 1966. Oberschmidt is considered a specialist for punch-laser combinations for all industries. The above-average high quality of components made of thin sheet metal distinguishes the company. Its customers also appreciate this and rely on the competence and know-how of the Westphalian hidden champion.

23 employees process more than 5000 tonnes of sheet metal at Oberschmidt every year. And the trend is rising. The process sequence in the deburring area was previously still the aforementioned “clog in the leg”. Oberschmidt has been searching for a suitable solution for a long time. In order to optimally meet the requirements, the punching-nibbling parts are to be freed from oil, deburred and then dedusted. No easy task when your own bar for quality is so high. Because in addition to the high quality standards you set for yourself, efficiency is of course also a decisive factor. For Oberschmidt, the solution lies in intelligent automation.

The challenge of 3D contours

The demands placed on modern sheet metal parts today mean that they are becoming ever thinner-walled and the shapes ever more complex. As a result, these sheet metal parts have to be given the necessary fit and stability by means of multidimensional forming, folding, beading and countersinking. A task in which the customers benefit from the skills and know-how at Oberschmidt.

For the cleaning and deburring process, however, these are special challenges in order to achieve consistent, reproducible deburring of these 3D contours in the highest quality. After long research and many test runs with different machine suppliers, only the EdgeRacer® machines from WÖHLER could meet these requirements.

Oberschmidt relies on EdgeRacer deburring machines
Intelligent and intuitive operability and the overarching modularity make the EdgeRacer® machines so easy and versatile to use in sheet metal processing.

Deburred and clean sheets thanks to well thought-out modularity

The decision in favour of the EdgeRacer® was ultimately not only based on the optimal deburring performance of the machine. It was rather the well thought-out and coordinated overall package. The modularity of EdgeRacer® machines creates new versatility in sheet metal processing. It also enables efficient operation with only one operator. Oberschmidt was quick to recognise this and, in addition to the actual deburring machine – the “EdgeRacer® 1500 D”, which works in throughfeed on both sides – also relies on other modules of the EdgeRacer® family.

The sheet metal washing system “EdgeRacer® the Washer” first cleans the sheet metal parts thoroughly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner from all contamination. The sheet metal washer “the Washer” is one of the members of the modular EdgeRacer® machine family. Depending on the application, it can work in line with the other EdgeRacer® machines or be combined with other deburring machines as required and integrated into individual production lines.

Cleaning and Deburring with EdgeRacer
The sheet metal parts arrive dry from the wet cleaning unit onto the conveyor belt.

After cleaning, the sheets are automatically transferred to the “EdgeRacer® 1500 D” deburring machine via conveyor belts. In the double-sided version of the EdgeRacer® deburring machine chosen by Oberschmidt, the sheet metal parts are deburred and the edges rounded in just one pass, directly from above and below.

Directly after deburring, the dust removal system “EdgeRacer® the Deduster”, another module of the EdgeRacer® machine family, cleans the sheet metal parts from any adhering dust. In this way, the complete finish of the sheet metal parts is achieved in one fully automatic pass.

I get clean, deburred parts off the machine at the end of the day with little man power.

Jörg Oberschmidt
Owner Oberschmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Modern, user-friendly control and good service

The modern and intuitive controls of the EdgeRacer® machines are also impressive. It makes the machines easy to adjust and set. The result is not only a satisfied operator, but also a significant increase in efficiency. In the latest generation, functions and hardware are now also available for decentralised control and monitoring of the machines. This means that the optimum settings for new jobs can be defined in advance and simply loaded on the machine using a label and scanner. This shortens job changeover times and promotes consistently high product quality.

The modularity of the machines is also designed so that all modules communicate with each other. Which in the end means that no matter how the line is ultimately set up and operated, the settings are determined as an overall package. This eliminates the need for coordination between the individual modules.

In the end, it's the result that counts

If you need individual sheet metal parts that are convincing in terms of shape and quality, you can’t get past Oberschmidt. The requirements for the complexity of stamped laser sheets, which Oberschmidt already fulfils today, will become even more important in the future. With the expansion of its machinery to include sheet metal cleaning and sheet metal deburring, Oberschmidt GmbH & Co KG. will continue to be a strong partner in the future.